Breaking through the Fog

When I was 16, my younger brother and I, along with three friends decided to surprise another group of friends who had embarked upon a camping trip on Lake Michigan. Contrary to parental warnings, we slid our two outboards from an inland lake, around a dam, and onto Lake Michigan. Growing up, we had all heard stories of the dangers of sudden storms on this part of Lake Michigan where hundreds of shipwrecks have occurred.

We packed up a picnic, some basic supplies for our adventure, and headed out onto a glassy calm Lake Michigan. Not sure where our friends had landed, we hugged the coastline following the bay until we came upon them with our surprise of food and homemade cookies. Together we roasted hot dogs, played games on the beach, and congratulated ourselves on a wonderful afternoon and evening. Before we knew it, it was time to head back. Checking our fuel, we realized that we had used up more than half, which meant that we would have to cut across the bay instead of back down the coastline. Not to fear, I had brought along a compass, knew we had to head 30 degrees east of north and all would be well, even though the trip across the lake was five miles.

Pushing off, the two little outboards headed north when we observed two things. One, the wind had risen, and we now had waves to contend with. Second, there was a fog moving in. Throttling up to top speed, we headed off recalling our parents’ wisdom about the rapidly changing lake conditions, which could drastically change in less than 30 minutes. As teenagers, we were confident we would make it.

As we headed out into open water, we quickly lost sight of all land, but with our trusty compass, we naively believed we only had to hold our course through the fog, and we would arrive at the harbor. Time seemed to drag as we plowed through the increasingly thick fog without anything else in sight. Suddenly, rising like a gray monster out of the fog, a HUGE form appeared headed right to where we were. We gasped in horror as we realized that we had strayed into a freighter’s path, and the HUGE form was at least 700 feet long (we were 12 feet) and so high up that it probably did not see us. Instincts kicked in and we made a ninety degree turn heading to what we estimated was the land. Would the big freighter see us? Would our little outboard be fast enough to get us out of the path and huge wake of this monster?

I learned several lessons that day. First, God’s hand protected some foolish, naïve teenagers. Secondly, the older generation IS wise and should be listened to. Finally, being prepared pays off.

We were able to get out of the freighter’s path, and even though the fog stayed with us, by cutting across the bay and using a compass, we managed to sputter ashore just south of the harbor and arrive safely on land.

Today in America, we are in a fog and too many of us are uninformed and naïve. Can we avoid the freighters bearing down on us today? That depends upon again, on three things:

  • God’s grace and mercy on foolish and naïve Americans.
  • Calling upon our foundational principles and wisdom of freedom and paying attention to our Founders’ warnings that freedom is not free but must be fought for in each generation.
  • Being prepared to fight with the information necessary.

Our Fall FRONT LINE will give you the critical missing information to be an informed citizen in this upcoming election. Our COURT WATCH will brief you on the background of the Missouri judges up for retention. Our summary of the BALLOT ISSUES will inform you of the various proposals including pros and cons. And of course, we’ll include a summary of where the PRESIDENTIAL candidates stand on issues of importance to you, our reader.

Finally, we will bring you Part Two of the article published in our Summer FRONT LINE, “STAYING SAFE IN AN UNSAFE WORLD.” One subject this continuation will address is the secret refugee invasion. As Governor Bobby Jindal said, “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.” In addition, “Staying Safe …” will clarify what is occurring in schools and will offer more suggestions of how to keep our rule of law.
PLEASE consider how you can encourage your friends and neighbors to be informed voters by ordering your copy of FRONT LINE.

As many God-fearing and wise leaders are saying, this may be our final opportunity to ensure that our freedoms are there for our children. Join us in breaking through the fog. With God’s grace and mercy, WE CAN DO IT!

Donna Hearne