Court Watch

mo-guideWith the sudden passing of Justice Scalia, the stalled confirmation of controversial appointment Merrick Garland, the awareness of judicial appointments and their significance is at an all time high. (The Judicial Branch) may truly be said to have neither FORCE nor WILL, but merely judgment; and must ultimately depend upon the aid of the executive arm even for the efficacy of its judgments. (Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 78) Western Civilization generally, and America specifically, owes a tremendous debt to the Holy Bible for giving, among other things, form and substance to government, language, culture, and law.


Staying Safe in an Unsafe World Part 2

Staying SafeMany questions must be answered first if Americans are serious about staying safe today. Staying safe means undertaking pre-emptive actions to keep our civil society from turning into anarchy and thus losing life, home, income, and constitutional freedoms. Two in particular are paramount.


Missouri Primary Candidate Profiles

mo-guideMissouri’s general primary is schedule for August 2, 2016. There is a full slate of candidates and issues for the upcoming election in November. There are multiple statewide contests in Missouri that FRONT LINE will focus on in this issue with more detail in the fall when the final ballots are set. In an attempt to give a sense of candidates and positions, we have chosen to highlight what the candidates have put forward primarily from their websites. Time and space limit the amount of information that can be spent on each candidate; for those candidates we have provided their websites for further information. The information is meant to be educational and helpful, but not necessarily comprehensive of the candidates’ views and positions.


Staying Safe in an Unsafe World


America the Beautiful! A special place in the development of today’s world – beauty, opportunity, and freedom with a history of optimism unlike any other.

Consider the chance to shoot the white water rapids on one of America’s incredible crystal clear, pristine rivers. Knowing there are risks involved, you hire a seasoned guide who will maneuver you securely through the boulders and waterfalls to the calm pool below. Not every American will choose to experience the excitement of this kind of adventure. But if you do, your journey is thrilling because of the near misses of jagged rocks and boulders, the crashing of waves over your head, the heart-in-your-mouth moments, and the rush of adrenaline when your guide yells pull hard-right on the oar. You have chosen these moments because you are motivated to do and succeed.

Two Julys — Two Chambers


July 1, 1776

“It was hot and humid outside, and stifling in the chamber,” wrote historian William Hogeland in his book, Declaration: The Nine Tumultuous Weeks When America Became Independent, May 1-July 4, 1776. “At four in the afternoon, heat gave way to a two-hour thunderstorm. The rain would play a strange part in the memories of the men in the room and in the recounting of later

Immigration or Invasion?

Screenshot_102915_113754_AMMayor Slay and citizens lobbying to bring Syrians to St. Louis; a Senate hearing that exposes there is no way to know who these people are; a Presidential Memorandum and resulting task force; and the president telling immigrants they do not have to assimilate. How are these connected, and is there more to the story than what meets the eye? Should we Americans be concerned?

Why Do Some Hate Christians and Love Violence?

10317743_771537672880948_3872526485278285030_oAs the story of the Umpqua Community College shooting unfolded it became evident that the shooter Chris Harper Mercer intensely hated Christians yet loved violence and murder. How is it that we see more and more hatred resulting in destruction of human life? And more and more violence? Is this new?

Clocks, Carson, Schools and Islamophobia

Carson_Nov15.tifThe Jersey City Board of Education recently voted not to close schools for the Muslim holiday of Eld al-Adha. It has been reported that a Muslim woman in attendance made a veiled threat saying: “We’re going to be the majority soon.”


Several weeks ago, Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old from Irving, Texas, brought what looked like a crude explosive devise in a pencil box to school saying it was a clock.