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In 1986, Donna Hearne, Executive Director of The Constitutional Coalition, was serving as a presidential appointee for President Ronald Reagan in the U.S. Department of Education. It became apparent that the progressive left was taking over the education of our children, and it was critical that parents and teachers know and understand the situation. Seeking to alert educators and parents to the massive progressive agenda, funding and control coming from D.C., Donna and the CC board initiated the first conference on education. By 1990, the annual Educational Policy Conferences were born. Since then, worldwide experts come together annually, assembling in St. Louis before elected officials, public leaders, educators, administrators, and concerned citizens. Bad education and dangerous national policy is documented, while good public policy, curriculums, and current educational standards are screened based on America’s foundational principles. What must be taught in schools for our children to be smart, morally strong, and independent thinkers and for America to remain free is encouraged.

Past Speakers of Note

Past keynote speakers include Glenn Beck, Ben Carson, MEP Daniel Hannan, Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Michelle Malkin, Randal O’Toole, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and many more. In addition, notable speakers such as, David Barton, Dinesh D’Sousa, Col. John Eidsmoe, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Victor Davis Hanson, Lynne Jackson, David Limbaugh, Senator Rick Santorum, Phyllis Schlafly, Fr. Robert Sirica, and many others highlight America’s historical documents and foundations. National constitutional experts discuss the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and our founding documents, and leaders illuminate the basics of American freedom.

Several speakers from the 28th annual Educational Policy Conference include Michele Bachmann, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Sheriff David Clarke, Tom DeLay, Peruvian Nobel Peace Prize nominee Economist Hernando de Soto, William Federer, Frank Gaffney, Ann McElhinney, Jesse Lee Peterson, Dr. Everett Piper, Dr. Jay Richards, and actress Sam Sorbo.

In 2018, we highlighted speakers such as, Joshua Charles, Anne Cori Schlafly, Nonie Darwish, Brigitte Gabriel, Kevin Jackson, Charlie Kirk, David Kupelian, Cong. Bob McEwen, Michael Medved, Sam Sorbo, and Jessie Watters.

January 2019:

EPC 30: The Homefront – Preserving the Foundations … Family, School, Church, & Nation

Mark your calendars now for EPC 30, January 24-26, 2019, and join us as we continue to restore and secure our freedoms in America and focus on pushing back bad education policy and practices. We will host speakers such as, Tucker Carlson, Coach Joe Kennedy, Eric Metaxas, Mitzi Perdue and a variety of others.

Don’t miss this fabulous line-up of speakers!

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