Speak the Truth … To Preserve Freedom

As published in Front Line, Vol. XL, No. 1, April 2019

Carlson Front PageEveryday, evil and malicious, powerful “enemy soldiers” are creeping up behind normal, God-fearing, law-abiding Americans and slapping duct tape over their mouths preventing Americans from speaking the truth. Literally and figuratively. Have YOU been one of their victims?

Have you caught yourself “self-censoring” your political/religious speech when around others? Afraid you would be accused of “hate-speech?” Think your conservative Judeo-Christian worldview might be “hate speech?” Not really sure what “hate speech” is? Feel it’s better to be safe? Concerned that all you write on the Internet or text could be considered by someone to be offensive or even hateful? If you have, welcome to the world of George Orwell’s 1984.

We Will Never Bow to the Mob!

In January, FOX NEWs’  Tucker Carlson spoke in St. Louis as the closing speaker of the 30th annual Educational Policy Conference sponsored by the Constitutional Coalition. Much of his focus was on the chilling, frightening, and powerful massive efforts to turn the United States into a totalitarian state by extinguishing individual communication, free speech and expression, family, and rule of law. He pointed out how a triad of the powerful—the main stream media, the politically left (particularly the Democrat Party and its billionaire backers like Soros, Stryker, et al.), and Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon) — are overwhelming and smothering our precious constitutional freedom of speech. Carlson described how with bad schools and the family structure disintegrating, particularly leadership by fathers, we have become soft targets for totalitarians.

Weeks later, Tucker became the bull’s-eye target for the triad mentioned above. (See list of advertisers at end of this article.) By repeating a tactic used to remove Bill O’Reilly and others from the public square, MediaMattersForAmerica1 (funded by George Soros) went after Tucker. The left piled on. Yet, national conservative leaders spoke out and warned that unless there is pushback, America could see a totalitarian state cemented into place by the 2020 presidential elections. Using ruthless dictatorships such as the Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany, Italy and others as examples, Tucker and his supporters documented how freedom is predicated upon free exchange of opinions and that when and if most Americans are ignorant of differing viewpoints, especially that from the rule of law, Judeo-Christian, limited government perspective, those that control information ultimately control the individual.

“We Will Never Bow to the Mob…”

George Rasley, editor of the CHQ blog, wrote of Tucker Carlson’s stand against the Leftist Attempts at Censorship:

“Most conservatives are aware of the Left’s continued attempts to ‘deplatform,’ ‘demonetize’ or otherwise censor conservatives on social media, the internet, TV, and radio.

“And most of us are all too aware that some of these Leftist campaigns have been successful, because sponsors and advertisers readily drop conservative content, even as they just as readily engage in ad campaigns that offend conservatives and ignore our protests against them; see our recent column “Wal-Mart Abandons Christian Market,”2 for an example.Bulls-eye 2 iStock-985051010

“So, it was extremely important that, when the Leftwing vampires at Media Matters attempted to scare off Tucker Carlson’s advertisers by resurrecting some slightly naughty comments he made in a ten-year-old radio interview, neither Carlson or FOX bent to the attempted ritual defamation.

“In fact, quite the reverse happened as Carlson refused to be intimidated and threw down the gauntlet to Media Matters and the Leftwing censorship mob.

“In a monologue captioned “The great American outrage machine”3 Carlson explained how the whole charade of Leftwing censorship works, and it is worth quoting at length, so that you understand it as well.

“As Tucker Carlson explained it (and we’ve seen it up close and agree), these mob actions are all about power:

… no matter how bad it gets, no matter how despised and humiliated you may be, there is one thing you can never do – one thing that is absolutely not allowed. You can never acknowledge the comic absurdity of the whole thing. You can never laugh in the face of the mob.

You must always pretend that the people yelling at you are somehow your moral superiors. You have to assume what they say they are mad about is what they are actually mad about. You have to take them at face value. You must pretend this is a debate about virtue and not about power. Your critics are arguing from principle, and not from partisanship.

No matter what they take from you in the end, you must continue to pretend that these things are true. You are bad, they are good. The system is on the level.

But what if we stopped pretending for a minute? What if we acknowledged what’s actually going on?

Carlson ShowOne side is deadly serious. They believe that politics is war. They are not interested in abstractions or principles, rules or traditions. They seek power, and they intend to win it with whatever it takes. If that includes getting you fired or silencing you, or threatening your family at home, or throwing you in prison, okay. They know what their goal is. If you are in the way, they will crush you.

What’s interesting is how reliably the other side pretends that none of this is happening. Republicans in Washington do a fairly credible imitation of an opposition party. They still give speeches. They tweet quite a bit. They make certain noises about how liberals are bad.

But on the deepest level, it’s all a pose. In their minds, where it matters, Republican leaders are controlled by the left. They know exactly what they are allowed to say and believe. They know what the rules are. They may understand that those rules are written by the very people who seek their destruction, but they ruthlessly enforce them anyway.

Republicans in Washington police their own with a never-ending enthusiasm. Like trustees at a prison, they dutifully report back to the warden, hoping for perks. Nobody wants to be called names. Nobody wants to be Trump.

How many times have you seen it happen? Some conservative figure will say something stupid, or incomplete, or too far outside the bounds of received wisdom for the moral guardians of cable news? Twitter goes bonkers. The mob demands a response. Very often, the first people calling for the destruction of that person are Republican leaders. You saw it with the Covington Catholic High School kids. You see it all the time.

Kevin McCarthy spends half his day telling Republican members not to criticize progressive orthodoxy. Paul Ryan did the same before him. A couple of years ago, the entire Democratic Party decided to deny the biological reality of sex differences, an idea that is as insane as it is dangerous. Republican leaders decided to not criticize them for it. They might get upset.

This is a system built on deceit and enforced silence. Hypocrisy is its hallmark. Yet in Washington, it’s considered rude to ask questions about how exactly it works. Why are the people who considered Bill Clinton a hero lecturing me about sexism? How can the party that demands racial quotas denounce other people as racist? After a while, you begin to think that maybe their criticisms aren’t sincere. Maybe their moral puffery is a costume. Maybe the whole conversation is an absurd joke. Maybe we are falling for it.

You sometimes hear modern progressives described as “New Puritans.” That’s a slur on Colonial Americans. Whatever their flaws, the Puritans cared about the fate of the soul and the moral regeneration of their society. Those are not topics that interest progressives. They’re too busy pushing late-term abortions and cross-dressing on fifth-graders.

These are the people who write our movies and our sitcoms. They are not shocked by naughty words. They just pretend to be when it’s useful. It’s been very useful lately.

The left’s main goal, in case you haven’t noticed, is controlling what you think. In order to do that, they have to control the information that you receive. Google, Facebook and Twitter are fully on board with that. They are happy to ban unapproved thoughts, and they don’t apologize for it. Same with the other cable channels and virtually every major news outlet in this country.

Ship of FoolsOne of the only places left in the United States where independent thoughts are allowed is right here at FOX NEWs – the opinion hours on this network. Just a few hours in a sea of television programming. It’s not much, relatively speaking. For the left, it’s unacceptable. It demands total conformity.

Since the day we went on the air, they’ve been working hard to kill this show. We haven’t said much about it in public; it seemed too self-referential. The point of this show has never been us. But now, it’s obvious to everybody. There is no pretending that it is not happening. It is happening, and so, going forward, we’ll be covering their efforts to make us be quiet.

For now, though, just two points to leave you with. First, FOX NEWs is behind us, as they have been since the very first day. Toughness is a rare quality in a TV network, and we are grateful for that. Second, we’ve always apologized when we are wrong and we will continue to do that. That’s what decent people do – they apologize.

But, We Will Never Bow to the Mob – Ever.

No Matter What!

“Tucker Carlson is absolutely right, most especially about the real motivation behind the new Puritanism of the Left. It’s not about creating an environment where the public is protected from vulgar, mean or obnoxious words, because if it were that would put Hollywood and the ‘entertainment’ networks out of business. What the Left’s outrage machine is about is power, and controlling what you see, hear, and eventually, what you think. And the only way to keep that power from them is to never bow to them.”4

Muzzling Your Speech?

If you think the muzzling of speech (and thought) is just aimed at the famous and outspoken, that it does not affect you, consider some of these recent headlines and stories:

February 22, 2019 “[Michigan Attorney General Dana] Nessel, civil rights unit to increase prosecution of hate crimes. Michigan’s attornKeep Quiet iStock-1130293226ey general and Department of Civil Rights on Friday laid out plans to increase the documentation and prosecution of hate crimes and incidents …

“Michigan Department of Civil Rights Director Agustin Arbulu announced the department is creating a process to document hate and bias incidents that don’t rise to the level of a crime or civil infraction. …

“ ‘These groups range in the ideological extremes from anti-Muslim, to anti-LGBT to black nationalist and white nationalists,’ Arbulu said in a statement. ‘Particularly of concern, over one half of the identified groups are located east of US-23 between Flint and Ann Arbor.’ …”

“Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media in Ferndale is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) law center as an “anti-LGBT” hate group. The group’s editor-in-chief, Christine Niles, rejected the label and said, to her knowledge, the group’s presence on the list is a first.

“ ‘We’re not entirely sure what that means,’ Niles said, noting that the group and its work is faithful to the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage being between a man and a woman. ‘We have a right to believe that without being called a hate group.’ … Arbulu’s plans for a database would document hate and bias incidents that don’t rise to the level of a crime. The database would then be used to identify areas where awareness and education programs are most needed, he said.

“ ‘The challenge is developing protocols that other groups can be bound by and we can be bound by so we can capture all that information into one database,’ he said.

Arbulu said he hopes the database will allow the department to be proactive and address issues before they rise to the level of a crime.

Arbulu pointed to a recent incident in Lansing over President’s Day weekend, in which fliers saying ‘Keep America American’ encouraged people to ‘report any and all illegal aliens.’ The fliers included a phone number for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the website for Patriot Front, a group the SPLC has labeled a white nationalist group.

In a statement, Arbulu said he was disappointed by the fliers, ‘but know this, we are watching and we won’t allow hate to divide us.’5 (Emphasis added.)

March 17, 2019 “Conservatives Face a Tough Fight as Big Tech’s Censorship Expands. … a Facebook whistleblower who approached James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, we now know that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant developed algorithms to ‘reboost’ certain content, limiting its distribution and appearance in news feeds.”6

March 25, 2019 “EU on Brink of Massive Meme Censorship…”7

March 26, 2019European politicians have voted to pass Article 13 and Article 11 as part of sweeping changes to regulation around online copyright. The European Parliament passed the legislation by 348 votes to 274. Opponents had hoped for last-minute amendments to be made to the legislation, but failed to garner enough votes. Julia Reda, a German MEP representing the Pirate Party who opposes the copyright directive, said it was a ‘dark day for Internet freedom’. …”8

March 28, 2019 “Whistleblower Leaks Google’s ‘White Privilege’ Diversity Training” … A software engineer at Google has made another devastating reveal on Google’s liberal bias. Mike Waacker leaked two pages of the far-left dogma on race, privilege, and sexuality published in Google’s Allyship 101 ‘diversity training’ materials.”9

Google and Facebook

GoogleWhen Americans are used to “free” TV and “free” Internet, their thrift outweighs their diligence and curiosity, and they settle for what they are spoon-fed. Internet content is “free” only because Google and Facebook have compiled vast amounts of personal information on individuals, including underwear styles and size, cars owned, food eaten, and places traveled, and they use that to lure advertisers who underwrite the content. They have the ability to listen to conversations in your living room through the “ladies” – Siri and Alexa. That information is sold to advertisers who target you with new underwear styles, cars, restaurants, etc. You are the product being sold. Yet, you do not see any of the wealth your profile garners.

Google and Facebook control WHAT people read and hear. Tucker Carlson has spent many segments of his FOX News, Monday-Friday evening program highlighting this censorship. He has pointed out how the liberal, progressive worldview held by most of the management and employees enforces the shutdown of certain non-popular, conservative, Christian viewpoints while allowing others (such as calls to jihad) to flourish.

Documentation from whistleblowers inside Google supported charges that Big Tech companies ARE shutting down information that powerful progressives want to keep away from Americans. Who defines what is “misrepresentation?” Or, a “good neighbor policy?”

April 10, 2019 “Google manually manipulates search results in an effort to exclude conservative websites, such as the American Spectator, the Conservative Tribune, and the Gateway Pundit, according to documents leaked to the Daily Caller.

The documents leaked to the Daily Caller, which were reportedly approved by Google executives who report directly to CEO Sundar Pichai, detail two Google policies, known as the ‘misrepresentation policy’ and the ‘good neighbor policy,’ which determine what websites end up in the ‘XPA news blacklist.’

“The purpose of the blacklist will be to bar the sites from surfacing in any search feature or news product. It will not cause a demotion in the organic search results or de-index them altogether,’ the document explained. …”10

Viewpoint Discrimination in Action

Misinformation? On April 7, 2019, the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s11 feature article on the dangers of un-vaccinated children contained this highlighted observation (setting merits of vaccination aside):

“On March 4, the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Kyle E. Yasuda, called upon the chief executives of Google, Facebook and Pinterest ‘to work together to combat the dangerous spread of vaccine misinformation online.’ … A spokesperson on behalf of Instagram and Facebook announced on March 21 to the public that this is going to be a ‘long-term commitment,’ The key is getting parents who read misinformation online to stop sharing the content and if there is a concern, to get them off the internet and engaged in an honest conversation with their child’s health care provider.” 12Kids Texting iStock-473838686

The reporter’s worldview? The issue of mandatory vaccinations is a government mandate with required support by private groups assumed. The question that is not asked is: WHO decides the mandate? Those that hold the power? What if the those in power mandated that all Americans receive a small chip in their hand with the chip communicating with the powerful’s stooges as to every move, decision, and idea the individual made or has? WHO DECIDES? It seems the triad of the powerful do. That is unless you take the duct tape off and start speaking the truth EVERY opportunity you get!


  • Remove the duct tape!
  • Plan ahead. Before meeting with an individual or group, organize your thoughts with five practiced questions on the issues – NOT statements. Return their comment/question with another question. Formulate everything you say in the form of a question until you have pushed them to admit that they do not know.
  • Support Tucker Carlson with calls/emails to the advertisers that support him as well as registering dismay with those that have bailed. Below is the list of advertisers who have either supported or bailed on Tucker Carlson Tonight/ FOX News.



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Tucker Carlson Tonight Advertisers

Following is a list of advertisers who have stayed firm or have discontinued their advertising on Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX News. The list has been compiled and updated since the end of March 2019.

Advertisers who have publicly said they’re staying put:

Bayer: (Alka-Seltzer Plus) “Given the wide diversity of media today and wide range of public opinion on any given issue, it would be an impossible task to find a major television or radio network whose entire programming schedule appeals to all audiences. … We also value the opinions of our consumers, and take them into considering when making advertising placement decisions.” Contact: Bayer USA CEO Philip Blake, www.bayer.com, Dr. Michael Preuss, Head of Communications and Public Affairs; Christian Hartel, Head of Corporate Media Relations, Christian.hartel@bayer.com; Dr. Rolf Ackerman, Corporate Media Relations, rolf.ackermann@bayer.com, Bayer AG, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany, Phone: +49 214 30-1, 862-404-3000.

John Deere: “John Deere is an advertiser on the Fox Network. Our ads appear on various shows on the network.” Contact: CEO Samuel Allen, www.deere.com, John Deere World Headquarters, One John Deere Place, Moline, IL 61265, 309-765-8000.

Elite Singles: Contact: CEO Jeronimo Folgueira, Elite Singles, 874 Walker Road, Ste C, Dover, Delaware 19904, 646-760-2453.*

Cadillac: Contact: CEO Steve Carlisle, Cadillac, 30400 Van Dyke Ave, Warren, MI 48093, www.cadillac.com, 800-333-4223.

Jenny Craig: Contact: CEO Monty Sharma, Jenny Craig, 5770 Fleet Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008, 866-706-4042.*

CustomInk: Contact: CEO Marc Katz, www.customink.com, 800-293-4232.

GMC, per THR’s Jeremy Barr: “We are monitoring the situation. We have no additional comment.” Contact: CEO Mary Barra, www.gmc.com, GM Renaissance Center, 100 Renaissance Court, Detroit, MI 48243-1312, 800-462-8782.

Gold Bond producer, Sanofi: “Sanofi purchases advertising time and space in contracts negotiated far in advance and our advertising is never an endorsement of a show and/or the content of a show.” Contact: CEO Donald Godsey, Consumer Affairs Dept., Chattem, Inc., PO Box 2219, Chattanooga, TN 37409, www.goldbond.com, 800-981-2491.

Infiniti USA, also per Jeremy Barr“We are currently looking into this matter.” Contact: CEO Christian Meunier, Infiniti, PO Box 685003, Franklin, TN 37068, 800-662-6200.

Long John Silver’s: Contact: CEO James Patrick O’Reilly, Long John Silver’s, 10350 Ormsby Park Pl, Third Floor, Louisville, KY 40223, ljsilvers.com, corporate phone: 502-815-6100.

Mitsubishi: “Our advertising media spend is determined based on demographics and psychographics, not politics. … We will monitor the situation and adjust our advertising if necessary.” Contact: CEO Osamu Masuko; Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., PO Box 6400, Cypress, CA 90630, www.mitsubishicars.com, 888-MITSU-2019.

MyPillow: Michael J. Lindell, the inventor and CEO of MyPillow “Carlson’s biggest advertiser in terms of dollars spent, per Kantar Media told The Associated Press that the brand has no plans to cut ties with the show and that Lindell makes ‘all of my advertising decisions based on what is best for MyPillow, my customers and my employees’.” Contact: CEO Michael Lindell, MyPillow, 343 East 82nd St., Chaska, MN 55318, www.mypillow.com, 800-308-1299.*

PODS: Contact: CEO John Koch, PODS, 13535 Feather Sound Drive, Clearwater, FL 33762, marketing-inquiries@pods.com, marketing 866-930-7637, 855-387‑7637.

Progressive: Contact: CEO Tricia Griffith, Progressive Insurance, 6300 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, OH 44143, www.progressive.com, 877-280-5587.*

Prudential: Contact: CEO John Strangfeld, Prudential Insurance, 751 Broad St., Newark, NJ 07102, www.corporate-office-headquarters.com, 973-802-6000.

Reputation Defender: Contact: CEO Rich Matta, Reputation Defender, 1400A Seaport Blvd., Ste 401, Redwood City, CA 94063, 800-726-7864. www.reputationdefender.com, 888-419-9346, 888-720-3332.

Samsung (Dropped, then later resumed):“We do not have any advertising planned at this time, for this program.” Contact: CEO Koh Dong Jin, www.Samsung.com, 800-726-7864.

Sandals: Contact: CEO: Gebhard Rainer, Unique Vacations, Inc., 4950 Sw 72Nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33155, www.sandals.com, Phone: 305-284-1300, Fax: 305-667-8996.

Sleep Number: Contact: CEO Shelly Ibach, Sleep Number, 1001 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404, www.sleepnumber.com, 763-551-7000.

SmartNews: Contact: CEO Ken Suzuki, SmartNews, 41 E. 11th St., 11th Fl., New York, NY, 10003, info@smartnews.com.*

StarKist: Contact: CEO Andrew Choe, StarKist, 225 North Shore Drive, Ste. 400, Pittsburg, PA 15212, www.starkist.com, 800-252-1587.*

Super Beta Prostate: Contact: Super Beta Prostate, 95 Executive Drive., Ste 14, Edgewood, NY 11717, customercare@newvitality.com, 800-724-8407.*

Tecovas: Contact: CEO Paul Hedrick, 2514 E Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78703, www.tecovas.com, 833-832-6827.

Voya Financial: “We have no scheduled spots on Tucker Carlson. We’re committed to diversity, inclusion and equality — and respect for all individuals.” Contact: CEO Rodney O. Martin, Jr., www.voya.com, 844-576-8692, Laura Mauluoci 860-580-1278, laura.maulucci@voya.com. Dropped, then later resumed.

Advertisers who have discontinued

23andMe has dropped Tucker Carlson. In an e-mail to @thinkprogress, a spokesperson confirmed that “we have suspended our advertising during the Tucker Carlson program.” Contact: CEO Anne Wojcicki, www.23andme.com, 800-239-5230.

Abbvie: “Our media purchases span a large number of networks and programs, but this program is no longer one of them following the ad on Monday. Thanks for clearing up the confusion on what products we manufacture.” Contact: CEO Richard Gonzalez, HQ USA, #1 N. Waukegan Road, North Chicago, IL 60064, www.abbvie.com, 800-255-5162, option #3.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (@ASPCA), which has advertised on Tucker Carlson’s show 14 times since December, is pulling out. Spokesperson: “I am confirming that the ASPCA is not running ads on the program.” Contact: CEO Matthew Bershadker, www.aspca.org, 888-666-2279, Media Inquires: 212-876-770, ext 4655.

Ancestry.com: “We are not advertising at this time.” Contact: CEO Margo Georgiadis, 1300 West Traverse Pkwy, Lehi, UT 84043, mediarelations@ancestry.com, 801-705-7000.

AstraZeneca: Originally Astra-Zeneca said: “The content and opinions of the outlets, networks or websites for which we advertise are not reflective of our views or values as a company. However, as a standard practice, we regularly monitor our media programming to ensure it’s aligned to our corporate values. As such, we will continue to assess our advertising purchases regarding the heightened attention surrounding this matter.” However, they recently changed their commitment to advertise with FOX. The have confirmed to HuffPost that they “are no longer advertising on the Tucker Carlson show, and we will not be advertising on this program in the future.” Contact: CEO David Brennan, www.astrazeneca-us.com, 800-236-9933, Media Inquiries: 302-885-2677.

Bowflex parent company Nautilus: “We can confirm that Nautilus, Inc., parent company for Bowflex, has pulled its ads from the Tucker Carlson Tonight show. … Aside from our decision to remove our ads from his show, we have no other association or affiliation with Mr. Carlson.” Contact: CEO Gregg Hammann, www.bowflex.com, 800-605-3369.

CareerBuilder: “Our purpose at CareerBuilder is to help people build a life that works. Not some people. All people. … Which is why, last Friday, we permanently suspended advertising on some Fox programming, including Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Contact: CEO Irina Novoselsky or CMO Amy Heidersbach, www.careerbuilder.com 773-527-3600, 200 N. LaSalle Drive, Ste. 1100, Chicago, IL 60601.

Credit Sesame: “We partner with many TV stations as part of our broad advertising efforts. Recently, our ads were shown on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where comments were made about immigrants. We do not share the views expressed during that segment. We’ve withdrawn our ads from this program. Contact: CEO Adrian Nazari, Credit Sesame, Inc., 607 West Dana St. Ste. A, Mountain View, CA 94041, media_pr@creditsesame.com; adriannazari@adrainnazari.com, 800-422-8579.

Farmers Insurance: “Advertising decisions made by Farmers should not be construed to be an endorsement of any kind as to a show’s content or the individuals appearing on the show.” Contact: CEO Jeff Dailey, www.farmers.com, Farmers Insurance, 4680 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010, 888-327-6335. A quick update: Farmers Insurance (@WeAreFarmers) has changed their mind and pulled their advertising from Carlson’s show. Spokesperson: “We have halted advertising on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Graze: “We’ve asked our advertising partner to avoid this show in future as it goes against our brand values.” Contact: CEO Anthony Fletcher, graze.com, https://us.help.graze.com.

Harris Teeter: “Harris Teeter doesn’t purchase advertising during this show, sometimes cable companies place ads to fill time. We were unaware and have reached out and asked that Harris Teeter ads not be run during this time in the future!” Contact: CEO Thomas Dickson, Harris Teeter Inc. Attn: Customer Relations PO Box 10100 Matthews, NC 28106-0100, 800-432-6111 Option 2.

Home Chef: Our marketing team is now aware and we are working to resolve this. CONFIRMED: @realhomechef will no longer be advertising on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Contact: CEO Pat Vihtelic, Home Chef, 410 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611, press@homechef.com, 872-225-2433.

IHOP: “[W]e stand for welcoming folks from all backgrounds and beliefs into our restaurants and continually evaluate ad placements to ensure they align with our values. In this case, we will no longer be advertising on this show.” Contact: CEO Julia Stewart, www.ihop.com, 818-637-3079.

Indeed: “Indeed is not currently advertising on Tucker Carlson Tonight and has no plans to advertise on this program in the future.” Contact: CEO Rony Kahan, Indeed, 6433 Champion Grandview Way, Building 1, Austin, TX 78750.

Jaguar Land Rover: “Jaguar Land Rover has rarely advertised on the show and does not have any plans for it going forward.” Contact: CEO Ralf Speth, Deborah Sandford, National PR Communications & Events Manager, 949-520-0529, 800-FIND-4WD, dsandford@jaguarlandrover.com.

Just for Men: “Just for Men has no further plans to advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show. The brand is always considering ways to remain responsible, and this includes aligning with partners who share our brand value.” Contact: CEOs Akshay Shetty and Keech Comb Shetty, Combe, Inc., www.justformen.com, 800-431-2610.

Leesa: “We do not currently have any media buys planned with Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Contact: CEO David Wolfe, support@lessa.com, 844-335-3372.

Lexus: “Our regional advertising groups have decided to suspend all advertising on this particular program until further notice.” Contact: CEO Mark Templin, PO Box 259001, Mail Drop E3-2D, Plano, TX 75025, or www.lexus.com, or 800‑255-3987.

Life on Purple: Leaving Tucker Carlson’s show: “Purple is not currently advertising and has no further plans to advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show. We are always considering ways to remain responsible, and this includes aligning with partners who share our brand values.” Contact: CEO Joe Megibow, 123 East 200 North, Alpine, UT 84004, info@purple.com, @LifeOnPurple, 888-848-8456.

Mint Mobile won’t be advertising on Tucker Carlson’s show. Spokesperson: “Mint Mobile let me know that they pulled advertising from the show.” Contact: CEO David Glickman, Mint Mobile, 1550 Scenic Ave., Ste 100, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, www.mintmobile.com, @_MintMobile, 213-372-7777.

Minted: “We do not agree with Mr. Carlson’s comments and his opinions are not consistent with the values we hold … That being said, we are permanently discontinuing advertising on this particular program.” Contact: CEO Mariam Naficy, 747 Front Street, Ste. 200, San Francisco, CA 94111, www.minted.com, 888-828-6468.

NerdWallet also told the Hollywood Reporter it was pulling advertising and will “be reevaluating any ongoing advertising with this program.” Contact: CEO Tim Chen, www.nerdwallet.com, press@nerdwallet.com, Media inquiries, 916-425-2220.

Pacific Life: “As a company, we strongly disagree with Mr. Carlson’s statements. … We will not be advertising on Mr. Carlson’s show in the coming weeks as we reevaluate our relationship with his program.” Contact: CEO James Morris, www.pacificlife.com or PO Box 9000, Newport Beach, CA 92658, 800-800-7646.

Red Lobster: “Red Lobster’s advertising buying guidelines reflect our core values and commitment to supporting programming that represents the highest standards of good taste, fair practice and objectivity.1 We reserve the right to make changes to our purchases when the dialogue is no longer in line with our criteria,” the company said in a statement to TheWrap on Tuesday.2 Contact: CEO Kim Lopdrup, Red Lobster, 450 South Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32809, www.redlobster.com, Business inquiries 407-734-9000, Guest question 800-562‑7837.

Robitussin, per Pfizer spokesperson to THR’s Jeremy Barr: “We are no longer advertising on the program.” Contact: CEO Albert Bourla, Pfizer, Inc., 235 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017, www.pfizer.com, 212-733-2323.

Sandisk: “We embrace diversity and inclusion, and work with advertising partners who share our core values.” Contact: CEO Sanjay Mehrotra, www.sandisk.com, 866-726-3475.

SCOTTeVEST: “We have instructed our media buyers to pull any future ads from that program.” Contact: Scott Jordan, sales@scottevest.com, 866-909-8378.

SHEEX: one of Tucker Carlson’s biggest and most reliable advertisers, is pulling out “due to the inappropriate statements of Tucker Carlson that have recently come to light, SHEEX had made the decision to cease advertising on his television program, Tucker Carlson Tonight. Contact: CEOs Susan Walvius, Michelle Marciniak, Sheex, 10000 Lincoln Drive East, Ste 303, Marlton, NJ 08053, info@sheex.com, 856-334-3021.*

SmileDirectClub said that they’re “actively working with our media buyers to confirm that SmileDirectClub is no longer running our ads around any political opinion shows.” Contact: CEO David Katzman, Smiledirectclub.com, 414 Union Street, 8th Floor, Nashville, TN 37219, 800-848-7566.

SodaStream: “SodaStream has asked Fox to remove us from this time slot.” Contact: CEO Daniel Birnbaum, Sodastream.com, 800-763-2258.

SunBasket: “We did not intend to be advertising on that show … We will not advertise on the show again in the future. Contact: CEO Adam Zbar, SunBasket, 1 Clarence Place, Unit 10, San Francisco, CA 94107, 855-204-7597.

Takeda: “We have pulled our advertising off of Tucker’s show.” Contact: CEO Christophe Weber, Anne.erickson@amylin.com, 877-825-3327.

TD Ameritrade: “Our intent is to remain politically neutral … Once news broke about this issue, we instructed our media buying team to avoid the show in the future, …” Contact: CEO Tim Hockey, www.tdameritrade.com, 800-454-9272.

* Biggest spending advertisers from November 2018 to February 2019.

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